Getting started with acts_as_searchable on Ubuntu


acts_as_searchable is no longer maintained, please switch over to the new and healthy world of search_do bug-free, clear structure and paginating!

Too many crappy tutorials around, with wrong or only partial information of how to get started. Took me almost 2 hours to get it working, so here comes a short How To/Summary for future reference.

  1. sudo apt-get install hyperestraier
  2. sudo nano /etc/default/hyperestraier (change NO_START from 1 to 0) -> autostart on boot
  3. sudo /etc/init.d/hyperestraier start
  4. http://localhost:1978/ -> admin/admin -> create new nodes (xx_test/xx_development/xx_production)
  5. script/plugin install
  6. add to database.yml (once for every environment):
      host: localhost
      user: admin
      password: admin
      port: 1978
      node: xx_development
  7. >ModelName<.rb: acts_as_searchable :searchable_fields=>[:descr,:title] details
  8. Add all current models to the fulltext search:
  9. Check back in the corresponding node @ http://localhost:1978/ to see if documents have been created
  10. play around with >ModelName<.fulltext_search

Hope this helps 🙂

more detailed help