Simple Meta Tags with MetaOnRails

Simple meta tag rules (from google webmaster tools):

  1. do not add useless meta tags
  2. add site-wide-unique meta tags
  3. add max 10 keywords
  4. in doubt add no meta tags, search engines will grab something

Obey or be penalized.

For simplicity use: MetaOnRails Rails plugin


#in your head (no not that head...)

#in your views, add unique keywords/description that matter
  :keywords=> [@movie.category, @movie.genre,]*' ',


<meta name="description" content="my description" />
<meta name="keywords" content="my,keyword" />

has_a_location – the Latitude Longitude – Rails Plugin

Easy handling of latitude/longitude information, build on top of acts_as_mappable (aka geokit).

has_a_location Installation instructions


class User < ActiveRecord::Base

@user.location = [11.101,22.121]# latitude , longitude
@user.in_radius(100) #find in 100 miles radius

#this location will not be stored since it is the "default location"
@user.location = [0,0] 

show_map if @user.location

All options and Readme

DRY Validation Testing and easy edge-case Records

I just pushed my latest changes and additions for the old asser_invalid_attributes to github.

  • create single valid record
  • edge-case records without fixtures
  • valid attributes to test a post or fill a form



script/plugin install git://

  • set of valid attributes:
    valid_attributes User
  • a valid Record(new):
    valid User
  • a valid saved Record:
    create_valid User
  • an edge-case User:
    valid User, :name=>’oh noo it is too long’