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  1. Hi Michael,

    I’ve recently tried to contact Colin Clark about jqunit, but couldn’t really reach him, at least I didn’t get any reply. Maybe you could forward this or answer it yourself?

    -> I’m currently looking at jqunit to see if and what there is that could be merged back into QUnit. In case you missed the it, QUnit got promoted to a top-level project, based on jQuery’s testrunner. The homepage is here: http://docs.jquery.com/QUnit

    From what I’ve found on the jqunit homepage, part of it’s motivation was the lack of a proper project homepage. Now that is mostly fixed, so I’d like to discuss what else is worth merging.

    So far I see two aspects: Compability with jsunit and namespacing. I have a few ideas for namespacing, though the most important point there is compability with existing tests (jquery, jquery UI, various plugins). I’m not sure about compability with jsunit – is that worth it? Could that be done as a plugin (include an additional file)?

    Would be great to hear your opinion on this stuff.


  2. Hi Michael!
    I’ve just found your Github repo and and been trying out your Ruco editor. **Awesome** little app!
    Also – a big **thank you** for releasing it as public-domain! I am a very big supporter of P.D. apps, so it is *great* to see others out there writing P.D. code!
    Keep up the great work – bye for now 🙂
    – Andy

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