Simple Tag IO with acts_as_taggable_on_steroids

Update: deleted since it is now redundant

Update: switch to acts_as_taggable_on_steroids more features, less pain/bugs 🙂
Need simple input/output for tags and got acts_as_taggable_on_steroids ?


and in your forms:



  it "does not create duplicated tags" do
    @taggable.tag_list = "Bad, Bad, Evil"!
    @taggable.tags.size.should == 2

#Often need count of Tags ?
belongs_to :tag, :counter_cache=>'taggings_count'

3 thoughts on “Simple Tag IO with acts_as_taggable_on_steroids

  1. hi
    xplanation of tags is good using as reference
    i am implementing a application using acts as taggable.

    my app contain tables like
    1)streams table

    for tag support
    1)tags table
    2)taggings table

    my requirement is i want to search the data from streams table using tagname assing to the streams table entry.

    to achieve this i have modifid my code like:

    1)i am typing the tagname in search box.
    2)the enterd text is recieved and to search with the text i have added a methos called get_results like:
    def get_results
    if request.xhr?
    if params[‘search_text’].strip.length > 0
    terms = params[‘search_text’].split.collect do |word|
    if blank?
    flash[:notice] = ‘Stream was successfully updated.’
    #@streams = Stream.find_tagged_with(
    @streams = Stream.find(:all, :joins => “streams inner join tags as t on”, :conditions => [‘name LIKE ?’,’%’+params[:search_text]+’%’],select => “name”)
    render :partial => “search”
    redirect_to :action => “index”

    i am getting erros like :
    wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
    app/controllers/streams_controller.rb:72:in `select’
    app/controllers/streams_controller.rb:72:in `get_results’

    how to use Stream.find_taggable_with in the search method instead of writing the query?


  2. as far as i understand your problem you are trying to find everything tagged with %name% AND %other% so if Stream1 is tagged with” myname” AND “myother” it should be found ?

    judging from a quick code review, this should be accomplished by

    hope this helps 🙂

    if not, you could try asking the authors…

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