Save & validation callbacks for ember-data/ember.js

You want to do something when your record got saved/validations failed.


user.observeSaveOnce(success: function(){
  // go to next page
}, error: function(){
  // show validation errors


  # your model.js 
  observeSaveOnce: function(options) {
    function callback() {
      var outcome = 'success';
      if (this.get('isDirty')) {
        if (this.get('isValid')) return; // not submitted yet
        outcome = 'error';

      (options[outcome] || Ember.K).call(this);

      this.removeObserver('isDirty', callback);
      this.removeObserver('isValid', callback);

    this.addObserver('isDirty', callback);
    this.addObserver('isValid', callback);

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