Displaying collections and sorting them with ember-data

We had a lot of pain sorting our collections, since they are not there when the page is opened you need to continually re-sort…

App.Controller.Events = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
    init: function() {
      Helper.assignSortedCollection(this, 'content', Oceans.store.findAll(Oceans.Model.Event), function(item){
        return -1 * item.get('created_at').getTime();

Helper = {
  assignSortedCollection: function(to, path, items, sorter){
    items.addObserver('length', function(){
      var temp = Ember.A();
      this.forEach(function(item) { temp.pushObject(item); });
      to.set(path, _(temp).sortBy(sorter));

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