Why WordPress sucks

  • & sometimes get converted to & and then i have to recheck the code block
  •   gets removed when switching to visual mode
  • no feedburner support
  • Images just get replaced by others, i had a RCov screenshot and one from jqUnit, now on the Frontpage of ajaxian you can see this: (hope i can fix it later…)


  • the thumbnail still looks fine…


  • they cant even get the date right, it is not that old 🙂
  • i cannot replace the file, and i could overwrite it, as long as i am in the same month (delete, then upload an image with the same name), but when i do that, the old image reappears…
  • using inline style and code with square brackets results in normalquotes beeing rendered as slanted/italic quotes, rendering the code un-pasteable

Seems to me, they are missing a lot of automated testing….

If someone can recommend me another hasslefree Blog provider, with images and statistics and maybe some nice code highlighting, drop a comment 😉

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