Autoupdate jQuery with Rake

After installing jQuery on Rails (jRails) i noticed that the update task just kept overwriting my jquery.js with an older version. Effectively downgrading it…

So here is a real update task, execute it with rake update:jquery

  namespace :update do
    desc "Download recent jQuery javascripts to public/javascripts"
    task :jquery => :environment do
      puts "Downloading files..."
      files = {

      require 'open-uri'
      files.each do |local,remote|
        f = "#{js_dir}/#{local}", 'w' do |f|
          f.write open(remote).read
        puts "downloaded #{local} successfully."
      puts "all files downloaded successfully."

    def js_dir

PS: If the bleeding edge breaks anything you can get your old version back by jrails:update:javascripts

The other jquery libaries(fx,ui) are missing atm, since i am just using jquery on its own. If you know an update site, please drop a comment.

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