HTML_TEST because RailsTidy drives me crazy

The functionality of RailsTidy is great, but it can drive you crazy, all the senceless warnings, wich as far as i looked cannot be turned off. Aditionally it cannot validate all requests, only the last one (if you followed my previouse post).

html_test features:

  • validating ALL requests
  • validating with up to 3 different validators (ok.. 1 is enought for me)
  • killing senceless warnings
  • checking all URLs (returnes :success or :redirect?)

Grab here: ruby script/plugin install

And put this into your test_helper.rb:

#--------html_test plugin
#validate every request
ApplicationController.validate_all = true
ApplicationController.validators = [:tidy]

#ignore common warnings
Html::Test::Validator.tidy_ignore_list = [
  /<table> lacks "summary" attribute/,
  /trimming empty <fieldset>/,#erros_on missing -> empty fieldset
  /line 1.*Warning: inserting missing 'title' element/,#redirect html has no title....
  /Warning: replacing invalid character code 130/, #€ has a very bad character

#check urls
ApplicationController.check_urls = true
ApplicationController.check_redirects = true

If you always see an extra line like 0 tests, 0 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, go to vendor/plugins/html_test/lib/html_test.rb and move the first 3 reuire lines into the if block

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