Automated Sudo Password Prompt with SshKit

Basically what sshkit-sudo gem promises, but:

  • 1 hack instead of multiple layers
  • obvious how to debug
  • 1 global password
  • does not capture the password prompt
  • does not print the output when capturing
  • works when not using SshKit::DSL

Hint: You might want to start with an extra “puts data” to see how your password prompt looks like.

SSHKit::Command.prepend( do
  def on_stdout(channel, data)
    if data.include? "[sudo] password for "
      @@password ||= `echo password: 1>&2 && read -s PASSWORD && printf \"$PASSWORD\"`
      channel.send_data(@@password + "\n")

on servers do
  capture :sudo, "ls"

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