Listing Unmuted Datadog Alerts

Datadogs UI for alerting monitors also shows muted ones without an option to filter, which leads to overhead / confusion when trying to track down what exactly is down.

So we added an alerts task to  kennel  that lists all unmuted alerts and since when they are alerting, it also shows alerts that have no-data warnings even though Datadog UI shows them as not alerting.

bundle exec rake kennel:alerts TAG=team:my-team
Downloading ... 5.36s
Foo certs will expire soon🔒
Ignored cluster:pod1,server: 39:22:00
Ignored cluster:pod12,server: 31:41:00
Ignored cluster:pod12,server: 31:41:00

Foobar Errors (Retry Limit Exceeded)🔒
Alert cluster:pod2 19:05:16

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