Chef install google-cloud-sdk without package manager

A tiny chef snipped to install gcloud without using a package manager (to get the latest version without waiting)

gcloud_version = node["foo"]["google-cloud-sdk_version"]
gcloud_file = "google-cloud-sdk-#{gcloud_version}-linux-x86_64.tar.gz"
gcloud_folder = ""
gcloud_installer = ""
execute "gcloud_install" do
  # clean up ... download installer but select the version we want ... install ... link
  command "rm -rf $CLOUDSDK_INSTALL_DIR/google-cloud-sdk && curl #{gcloud_installer} | sed 's;__SDK_URL_DIR=.*;__SDK_URL_DIR=#{gcloud_folder};' | sed 's/__SDK_TGZ=.*/__SDK_TGZ=#{gcloud_file}/' | bash && ln -sf $CLOUDSDK_INSTALL_DIR/google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud /usr/local/bin/gcloud"
    "CLOUDSDK_INSTALL_DIR" => "/opt", # prefix
  not_if { `true && gcloud -v`.include?(gcloud_version) } # ~FC048

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