Ruby Code Duplication Detection with Flay

Flay is terribly useful, but has terribly usability …

If the repo was not such a mess I’d make PRs to fix it, but tests are not even runnable and PRs to make the Readme readabe got rejected … so I’m not going to bother … a small excerpt from Samson
More config options can be found on it’s homepage
Just wanted to share this useful rake task which found a bunch of duplication and already prevented me from adding new duplication twice 🙂

desc "Analyze for code duplication (large, identical syntax trees) with fuzzy matching."
task :flay do
  require 'flay' # do not require in production
  files = Dir["{config,lib,app/**/*.{rb,erb}"]
  files -= [
    # Things you want to ignore
  flay =[*files, '--mass', '25']) # mass threshold is shown mass / occurrences
  abort "Code duplication found" if

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