Improving sparkle_formation method_missing

Sparkle formation has the habit of swallowing all typos, which makes debugging hard:

foo typo
dynanic! :bar
# ... builds
  "typo": {},
  "foo": "<#SparkleFormation::Struct",
  "dymanic!": {"bar": {}}

let’s make these fail:

  • no arguments or block
  • looks like a method (start with _ or end with !)
# calling methods without arguments or blocks smells like a method missing
::SparkleFormation::SparkleStruct.prepend( do
   def method_missing(name, *args, &block)
     caller = ::Kernel.caller.first

     called_without_args = (
       args.empty? &&
       !block &&
       caller.start_with?(File.dirname(File.dirname(__FILE__))) &&
     internal_method = (name =~ /^_|\!$/)

     if called_without_args || internal_method
       message = "undefined local variable or method `#{name}` (use block helpers if this was not a typo)"
       ::Kernel.raise NameError, message

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