Avoiding Sidekiq Memory Leaks By Killing It Regularly

Memory leaks are hard to hunt down … but killing things is super easy 🙂
(you have a monitor that restarts them … right !?)

# memory leaks or config changes happen ...
# shutdown -> slowly kill all threads -> restarted by service
# log of all restarts is kept in tmp/shutdown
def trigger_worker_restart_after_interval
  Thread.new do
    interval = 30*60
    time = interval + rand(interval)
    puts "Planning restart in #{time}s -> #{(Time.now + time).to_s(:db)}"

    sleep time
    puts "Planned restart"
    File.write("tmp/parent_pid", Process.pid)

    # end this thread to ensure a clean exit and kill yourself
    `bundle exec sidekiqctl stop tmp/parent_pid 60 2>&1 >> tmp/shutdown &`

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