Omniauth / OAuth integration test with webmock

Took me a while to figure out all the stubs … maybe this is useful later 🙂
I’m using this to test our facebook / twitter signup flows.

def external_redirect(url)
rescue ActionController::RoutingError # goes to
  current_url.must_equal url
  raise "Missing external redirect"

it "signs up" do
  twitter_id = 12345
  visit "/"
  stub_request(:post, "").
    to_return(body: "oauth_token=TOKEN&oauth_token_secret=SECRET&oauth_callback_confirmed=true")

  external_redirect "" do
    click_link "Continue with Twitter"

  stub_request(:post, "").
    to_return(body: "oauth_token=TOKEN&oauth_token_secret=SECRET&user_id=#{twitter_id}&screen_name=twitterapi")

  stub_request(:get, "").
    to_return(body: %{{"profile_image_url_https": "image_normal.png"}})

  visit "/auth/twitter/callback"

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