Running tests via spork directly from Rubymine

Very fast test execution from inside Rubymine.
Cmd+F8 + 2 seconds == test results 😀

1 Activate DRB in Rubymine
Run > Edit configurations > Defaults > RSpec > Use DRB Server

2 a) Start spork from Rubymine
Tools > Run Spork DRB Server

2 b) (alternatively) start spork from the commandline

  # spec/spec_helper.rb
Spork.prefork do
    puts "Rubymine support"
    $:.unshift(File.expand_path("rb/testing/patch/common", ENV["RUBYMINE_HOME"]))
    $:.unshift(File.expand_path("rb/testing/patch/bdd", ENV["RUBYMINE_HOME"]))

and run it via:

RUBYMINE_HOME=/Applications/Rubymine\ spork

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