Installing MySql Handlersocket in Ubuntu Natty for Ruby


sudo apt-get install mysql-server -y;
sudo apt-get install handlersocket-doc -y;
sudo apt-get install handlersocket-mysql-5.1 -y;
sudo apt-get install libhsclient-dev -y;


#/etc/mysql/my.cnf -- under mysqld section
loose_handlersocket_port = 9998
loose_handlersocket_port_wr = 9999
loose_handlersocket_threads = 16
loose_handlersocket_threads_wr = 1
open_files_limit = 65535 


mysql -e "install plugin handlersocket soname '';"
sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart

# should show lots of handlersocket processes
mysql -e "show processlist;"


gem install handlersocket

require 'handlersocket'
h = => '', :port => '9998')

# open PRIMARY index on widgets.user table, assign it ID #1
h.open_index(1, 'widgets', 'user', 'PRIMARY', 'user_name,user_email,created')

more of this can be found at ruby handlersocket introduction and ActiveRecord Handlersocket gem

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