Creating a EC2 Micro instance via Fog

0.03c/hour (14€/month) is pretty cheap for a small server so lets try this 🙂

Generate and download a key-pair, so you can login to the instance via ssh.

AMI-id used is a micro ebs ubuntu 10.04 instance on eu-west-1, choose your own at

Be sure to add ssh port to your security group or you will get a nice “port 22: Connection timed out”

Start the servers!

require 'fog'
fog =
  :provider => 'AWS',
  :aws_access_key_id => 'yyy',
  :aws_secret_access_key => 'xxxx'

# start a server
server = fog.servers.create(
  :key_name => 'pey-pair-name'

# wait for it to get online
server.wait_for { print "."; ready? }

# public address -> -> ssh into it

# instance id -> find it again

# shutdown

Connect via ssh

ssh -i KEY-PAIR.pem ubuntu@SERVER-DNS-NAME

2 thoughts on “Creating a EC2 Micro instance via Fog

  1. hi;
    thanks for this. I am new to it and coming up with (Fog::Compute::AWS::NotFound). I am not clear about the key-pair. ca you help pls

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