“Read ruby” (the ruby 1.9 book) as PDF

Open books (like Read Ruby organized by runpaint) are great,
but if there is no pdf version, how to read/print it properly !?

Converting to pdf…

require 'rubygems'
require 'open-uri'
require 'hpricot'

url = 'http://ruby.runpaint.org'

links = Hpricot(open(url).read).search('a').map{|link| link['href'] }
links.reject!{|link| link.include?('#') or link.include?('//') or link.include?('@') }
links -= ['/opensearch', '/toc']
links.map!{|link| url+link }

content = links.map{|link| open(link).read }

html = "#{content * "/n/n/n/n"}"

out = 'temp.html'
File.open(out,'w'){|f| f.print html }

`wkhtmltopdf #{out} temp.pdf`

(or download the version from 2010-09-21)

Have fun!

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