Switching to RubyMine from Netbeans on Ubuntu

I recently did the switch and it was fun, and now I finally got everything working, here are the steps I took:

  • Install rubymine and make a shortcut
  • Use Textmate style shortcuts (so I can work with all the evil textmaters out there :> )
  • Correct Meta key behaviour:
    keyboard > layout options
    choose meta is mapped to left win
  • fuzzy autocomplete / Textmate Esc autocomplete is called “cyclic completion”, find it in keymap and replace it with Esc
  • add ctrl+c/v/x/z/… shortcuts so rubymine behaves like all the other apps


  • great fuzzy file search e.g. “ba/us/in” -> app/backend/users/index.erb
  • Fast autocompletion
  • Nice refactoring with preview
  • Warnings / hints on local / global / unused variables and sane spellchecking
  • Tons of options for whitespace/editor layout
  • Integrated git with visible history
  • “click something and got to its definition” works great


  • Startup takes ~30s for large app (initial indexing took ~ 4min)
  • To many menu entries, but they can be customized out…

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